Vessel under water hull cleaning and propeller clearing and policy

We are major distributor & manufacturer represrntative on pneumatic marine fenders. Our fenders are use in the verious application operations including ship to ship cargo operation (S.T.S), port and terminals have provend it quality and performance, Our fender play a very greeter roles for the save oprations they are design to withstand extreme environmental conditions, We’re commited to contribute to the offshore industry by delivering superior product.

Our organization (SVLL), proven services and terms of  experts are ready to help you protect what is important to you into the future.

We employ extremly motivated exprienced staff that have work across many sectors & industries as marine security expert around the globe.

Our term has a considerable number of years experience dealing with maritime security incidence such as piracy, seaborn criminals, kidnapping, for ransom.

We provide proven and well exterblish solution from the initial state of the incident report and the on going case management safe & successfull resolution & after care support no matter where our clients vessel, asset or crew are operating

engine repair system

Seriso Ventures Limited has decades of experience in the field of engine repair, overhauling and maintenance. We have an excellent team with knowledge, skills and experience to serve you with an excellent repair, overhaul and maintenance services especially for 4-stroke and 2-stroke diesel engines.
Our first-time customers always become our long term customers by choosing us for all their engine related problems. We are committed for providing marine and diesel engine repair, overhaul and maintenance services with honesty, quality and value for money.
We always offer the best quality service possible to gain our client’s full satisfaction. Our mission is to troubleshoot Marine engine problems and maintenance of diesel engine to avoid down time as well as accidents.
If you need an engine repair, overhaul and maintenance, do not hesitate to Contact Seriso Ventures Limited.

Dry Docking Maintainace

Our team of experts on ship repairs and Marine Superintendence (dry-docking superintendence) are dependable on your timely maintenance cultures. We develop advance planning to ensure dry-docking are effectively planned and effectively executed. Budgetary preparation for dry-docking and ad hoc repairs as requires. We manage all phases of dry-docking process, analyses and respond to all undesired event through planning on-site management and finally reporting same in accordance with the company procedures saved. Consulting us for your next dry-docking repairs, please be assure of our reliability and competence.

navigational channel management system

The Maritime Industries in Nigeria have over the years been the engine room that has kept the Nigeria economy moving. Without it, there would be no import or export of products into the country or out. So the importance of ensuring the continuous safety of vessels that sail into Nigeria waters cannot be overstated.
As a channel management company. It is important to ensure that the channels leading to the nation’s ports are not only properly dredged but that all hindrances to smooth navigation are removed, and all aids to navigation are put in place and properly maintained. As the role played by the country in the West African sub-region economically, makes it imperative for the nation’s waterways to be made secured for safe navigation at all times
As we await your appointment, as you are preferred Channel manager. The Company has an ability to carry out an extensive wreck survey in any of the Port, both visually and with sophisticated side scan sonar (used to locate and plot submerged wrecks) in any of the port assigned to us. And with our magnetometer survey to enhance and verify initial information collected. As an investor, we promise to be a good partner to ensure navigational safety in any of your chosen ports for our investment.

Flat-bottom Tanker Vessels

Our tanker vessels leads in transportation and distribution of petroleum products such as; Gasoline, heating oil and fuel oil to it’s national and international clients

Platform Support Vessels

Is an offshore support vessel (OSV) referred to as a transport vessel required to provide offshore facilities with equipment, fuel, good water, lubricant and other necessities

our ferry system

Seriso Ventures Limited is one of the world’s best ferry company’s sailings. We exist to be a trusted link between people, places and societies. Everything we do is based on our core values passion, sustainability and care. We offer smooth and enjoyable ferry transportation for all of our customers with an absolute commitment to safety, reliability and a reduced environmental footprint. We play a vital role in keeping everything connected. We make sure people and goods arrive where they need to be, enabling business to thrive and societies to grow. We connect family and friends, and make it possible to explore new destinations or revisit favorite places.

Our vision “Connecting, South South and South West for a sustainable future” is the prime goal for our journey. We already have the most comprehensive route network in within South South and South West. But at the end of the day, it’s not about what we do but why and how we do it.
The way we see it, it’s all connected. By bringing people together, we enable businesses and societies to grow. This in turn, makes it possible for us to develop as an even safer and more reliable company that reduces its environmental footprint step by step.